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Hello! My name is Chris and I love watching my kids play sports. When I started making little highlight videos to share with family, I noticed many fellow parents (and coaches) wanted something similar for their own kids (and teams). So, I created Sporty-Clips to help players, teams, families and friends capture and share memories by producing fun promo and highlight videos.


While the traditional studio photos are great to have, they do not capture the live action thrills and individual personalities the way videos can. And digital videos are now super easy to share and enjoy online using social media - or more privately with close friends and family. They're also great to watch on your own device whenever you need a quick pick-me-up.

If you are in the Fairfax, Virginia area and interested in creating a customized individual or team promo or highlight video, please shoot me an email or text or give me a call. My contact information is below.


Thanks for taking a look and have a Sporty Day!


About Us

I'm excited to work with you on your own custom Sporty-Clip video project. Reach out any time with questions or to chat about your ideas!


Questions? Ideas?

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